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  • 30w ago dazza_899 dazza_899

    Very nice thanks for the repost πŸ™Œ

  • 30w ago luliicarretero luliicarretero


  • 30w ago berrys_like_a_cheryy berrys_like_a_cheryy


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  • 30w ago garronlil garronlil

    Why the conventional swingarm

  • 30w ago _littlebigwoman_ _littlebigwoman_


  • 30w ago aashuaj aashuaj

    Ducati is banned in Nepal recently. Any comment for this

  • 30w ago valentin.vas.1 valentin.vas.1

    @aashuaj What is the reason?

  • 30w ago kvgirishkumar2000 kvgirishkumar2000


  • 30w ago francook_7 francook_7

    @luliicarretero πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ€€

  • 30w ago tauheed1188 tauheed1188


  • 30w ago aashuaj aashuaj

    @valentin.vas.1 Government gave reason that loud sound causes noise pollution and roads are not made for higher cc bikes.

  • 30w ago valentin.vas.1 valentin.vas.1

    @aashuaj So then not only Ducatis are banned right? Otherwise it,s pretty ridiculous. Also smaller cc bikes can be loud AF as well with certain exhausts so...

  • 30w ago russell_baze russell_baze


  • 30w ago farneyy_01 farneyy_01

    @aashuaj 😣☹

  • 30w ago farneyy_01 farneyy_01

    Beautifull. πŸ˜πŸ’“

  • 30w ago dancvle dancvle

    It’s so Beautiful 😍

  • 30w ago manuel76.1000 manuel76.1000

    Bellissima la supersport

  • 30w ago motooning motooning


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