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Such a good drama.. but I haven't watched the last two episodes yet 😭💜 A drama in which choosing between the two love rivals is almost impossible •_•
Drama: Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season / 花のち晴れ〜花男 Next Season〜 / Hana Yori Dango Season 2
10 years have passed since the legendary F4 members Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado and Akira Mimasaka have graduated from Eitoku Academy. Since their departure, the school has been on a steady decline.
Correct 5 is formed at the high school with Haruto Kaguragi as the group's leader. They are worried about the school's steady demise. They decide to find deadbeat students and kick them out of the school. Haruto Kaguragi likes ordering stuff that makes him look bigger physically. He uses his butler's name for his online orders and receives the items at a convenience store. Oto Edogawa works part-time at the convenience store. She also attends the same school as Haruto Kaguragi. Oto Edogawa is actually from a poor family, but she pretends to be from a rich family to fit in at school. Her fiance is Tenma Hase and he attends a rival high school.
Worth 9.5/10 but I haven't finished it.. are the subtitles somewhere?
#ShoHirano #平野紫耀 - Haruto Kaguragi
#HanaSugisaki #杉咲花 - Oto Edogawa
#TaishiNakagawa #中川大志 - Tenma Hase
#TatsuomiHamada - Kaito Taira
#MarieIitoyo - Megumi Nishidome
Mio Imada - Airi Yama
Jin Suzuki - Issa Narumiya
Keisuke Nakata - Sugimaru Eiib


  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @cromio_fuffa I don't know if I will be disappointed too or I will be ok with the end but in both cases it would be great if there were a second season 🙈

  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @dmnast_ 🙈🙈🙈 usually popular dramas are subbed fast, I hope there won't be too much to wait

  • 12w ago _invisiblepotato_ _invisiblepotato_

    is this ALL SUB alrdy?

  • 12w ago mikays01 mikays01

    it is very enjoyable yes

  • 12w ago mikays01 mikays01

    @_invisiblepotato_ Ep 10 and 11 not yet

  • 12w ago bok_ka bok_ka

    YASSSS this was an unexpected find for me! The main actress is so good too!

  • 12w ago yosoyamie yosoyamie

    They made a new version of hana yori dango?

  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @yosoyamie it's a sequel. The story is set 10 years after the F4's graduation. Some F4 members briefly appear in the drama as adults :)

  • 12w ago lindahenry03 lindahenry03

    I hope she is smart and stays with him

  • 12w ago dmnast_ dmnast_

    @j._.dramas agree

  • 12w ago dmnast_ dmnast_

    @j._.dramas i fell in love with Airi

  • 12w ago bumkooksoo bumkooksoo

    We're still waiting for the English subs😭😢

  • 12w ago nakagawataishid nakagawataishid

    This drama is good but i really don't like the ending 😭 because it hurts Tenma kun much !! 😥

  • 12w ago nakagawataishid nakagawataishid

    @lindahenry03 but unfortunatelly not 😥

  • 12w ago mya.riza mya.riza

    But then I felt personally that the Chinese new version:meteor garden 2018 has definitely overshadowed this Japanese remake.

  • 12w ago donnasong88 donnasong88

    aw! hi, where I can watch it? 😭

  • 12w ago yutti_yunpyo yutti_yunpyo

    @mya.riza this is not remake of Hana Yori Dango . It's the new generation. Plus don't you dare compare the original to any remake ever

  • 12w ago yutti_yunpyo yutti_yunpyo

    @donnasong88 kissasian or fastdrama

  • 12w ago kokopelli_valley kokopelli_valley

    I agree, this is such a good drama ❤Cannot wait to see the last two episodes ! (team Haruto btw 😉)

  • 12w ago khimpacheco09 khimpacheco09

    where can i watch this with eng sub??

  • 12w ago jkdramascreams jkdramascreams

    The only reason I haven't started watching this is that it hasn't been completely subbed

  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @khimpacheco09 on fastdrama or Kissasian. Episodes are subbed expept the last two :)

  • 12w ago juparxx juparxx

    The eng sub is not out yet and I FREAKING NEED THE SEASON 2😭😭😭😭😭

  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @juparxx me too 😭💜

  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @jkdramascreams it's been taking more than expected to be fully subbed :/ you will be able to watch it all together 😏😏 I would have done the same but I couldn't wait ><

  • 12w ago opshidaisy opshidaisy

    Im so mad that the last 2 episodes take forever to be subbed REALLY it just ruined my mood 😤

  • 12w ago reginskiee reginskiee


  • 12w ago khimpacheco09 khimpacheco09

    @j._.dramas thankyou:))

  • 12w ago viranikalee viranikalee

    I can't watch the last few episodes. There are not subbed yet 😭

  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @viranikalee I really hope they will get subbed soon 😭

  • 12w ago _robin_alisha_ _robin_alisha_

    I haven't seen the last two episodes either because I'm waiting for them to be subbed. Have they decided if they'll do a sequel?

  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @_robin_alisha_ nothing has been decided, it seems.. but it would be great if there were a second season ^^

  • 12w ago bulan_in90 bulan_in90

    OOHH MY GOD knp aku baru nyadar klo hanadan next season ini adalah cerita hana yori dango season 2. Pdhl sring liat postingan proses shootingnya. Mungkin krn lupa judulnya, must watch nihh!

  • 12w ago lindahenry03 lindahenry03

    @nakagawataishid nooooooooo 😦

  • 12w ago nups_gupta nups_gupta

    A great dilemma to have in real life...choosing between two hotties!!! 😃😃😃

  • 12w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @nups_gupta Luckily it's not real life but a drama 😂

  • 12w ago gitalgassany gitalgassany

    @mikays01 what website you watched this drama?

  • 12w ago mikays01 mikays01

    @gitalgassany ondramanice

  • 12w ago viranikalee viranikalee

    @j._.dramas yeah me too.. I'm so curious, i watched it w/o sub and didn't understand most of it 😩

  • 12w ago moekyuwun moekyuwun

    dm me in facebook for subs guys, i found it, soft sub only tho

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