Instagram post by @esills1 Eugenie Sills

The rain can’t keep this badass creative down—if you’re in Great Barrinton today, stop by @heydayinc and say hello to @lineflax_and_roving founder @cardinale_montano. ❤️#berkshires #ladybosses


  • 12w ago bolagritz bolagritz

    These great bags are waterproof!!

  • 12w ago esills1 esills1

    Technically, they’re water-resistant but we’ve been testing and they hold up pretty darn well when wet!

  • 12w ago lilakg lilakg

    I’d love to see what the inside looks like. Any pockets?

  • 12w ago esills1 esills1

    @lilakg Yes! All in contrasting color (zippered bags have zippered pockets) 😍

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