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There’s just something I love about a paper ticket! 🎫 I’ve saved my concert and show tickets over the years and I’ll even pay the little bit more to still get a printed one if it’s offered. This one here is for my 15 minutes in the recording studio at the Ryman Auditorium a couple weeks ago in Nashville. I know that’s a little different, but it captures the experience for me just the same.

I recorded an original song 🎶 I wrote called “Carry On” 💽 while there. And although I’m still super new to songwriting, and 🎧 recording is a whole new world to me compared to performing live.... I’m excited to learn more about the process and work on this craft too.

It was like a mini test for me to see if I liked recording. I’m sorta into testing things out like this lately. Like 7ish months ago I signed up for a community ed course in beginning 🎸guitar to see if I’d like it. I honestly didn’t know if I would, but I did! So, onward I go. But I’ve pretty much always had a plan and this time it’s much more different. I’m literally figuring things out as I go to see what the next step is and where to spend my time.

So if you’re at all curious where this is all headed... and you’ve read this far... 🌈 please stay tuned. I’m having fun, and I’m sharing my journey all right here. ✨✨✨✨Super excited and antsy to BE THE FIRST to know when I have a recording/video to share? (Click the link in my bio to “join” my adventure and receive my bi-weekly emails) 💌 I’ll personally update you so you won’t miss a thing.


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