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  • 13w ago heidecoston heidecoston

    I am in LOVE with Harper"s haircut! Goldie has curls like Stone and that gap in her smile like Austin's dad....or Aunt Lulu's. Aunt Lulu had that gap before she had work done. Don't forget that if you cut Goldie's hair, chances are she'll lose her curls. That's what happened when I cut Austin's.

  • 13w ago tabibaby tabibaby

    @heidecoston Harpers hair is growing in like that, we haven’t cut it in months! It’s pretty cute, but she said she wants to cut it. Ha! I don’t plan on cutting Goldie’s hair anytime 🎉 & harper had a gap too, but when her teeth came in it pushed them together.

  • 13w ago thebaddadsclub thebaddadsclub


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