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Kamaage shirasu, called “boiled whitebait” in English, which makes it sound disgusting. It’s delicious and not “fishy” at all. Great on hot rice, pasta, even on pizza. It’s sort of like very mild and just lightly salted anchovies. Something that’s almost impossible to find outside of Japan, and when you can find it it’s been frozen.
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  • 4w ago pheldda pheldda

    Love them

  • 4w ago napacasual napacasual

    Are they good frozen?

  • 4w ago frosteternal frosteternal

    @napacasual Freezing fish can change the texture a bit but usually still tasty

  • 4w ago napacasual napacasual

    @frosteternal thank you! I’ll be on the lookout. Maybe southern CA Mitsuwa?

  • 4w ago emmajeandenee emmajeandenee

    White bait has just been declared endangered in Nz, not sure if it’s the exact same species, but it’s a national delicacy too


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