Instagram post by @djavocardo Adam Stranan


  • 13w ago its_me_natalieeee its_me_natalieeee

    Bali already?!?!

  • 13w ago sazza23 sazza23

    Can’t believe you’re in Bali already. Hopefully this is a long stop off before you head home 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♂️ 🌊 @djavocardo

  • 13w ago djavocardo djavocardo

    Yeah, that clock keeps on ticking. Here for awhile. Snorkeling paradise!

  • 13w ago djavocardo djavocardo

    @djavocardo what you up to sazza23? Come up for 10 days. The boys were snorkeling all day today. Luca would love it. Not to mention the banana pancakes for breakfast.

  • 13w ago djavocardo djavocardo

    You too its_me_natalieee great way to shake a cold!

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