Instagram post by @haddad_v V Haddad

💙Whell, damn ✋West Texas, High Desert, Marfa 💙 ty @highstitchedvoice and @hunkytonic


  • 13w ago smithereenrose smithereenrose

    I should have asked if you were coming through Lubbock! It would be great to see you again and catch up

  • 13w ago haddad_v haddad_v

    @smithereenrose odeng I thought you were in NorCal for some reason!! Would love to rendezvous ❤️🌵

  • 13w ago smithereenrose smithereenrose

    @haddad_v Adam (remember my little brother?) is living in Sacramento but is in Austria for a week or so I think.

  • 13w ago autumninnewyork autumninnewyork

    very lovely

  • 13w ago sophsudz sophsudz

    Ka-thump ka-thump ka-thump !

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