Instagram post by @shotstoshakes R A C H E L 🌕 B R A D Y

Yes, the hat is right. I am one strong bitch when I’m in my happy place at the gym.

But I’m a strong bitch at other times when it doesn’t look like it.

I’m a strong bitch when I’m going through a depressive episode, glued to my bed and wondering if I’ll ever feel emotions again.

I’m a strong bitch when my anxiety is feeding me lies and I must remember to not hold my breath.

I’m a strong bitch when my ptsd is triggered and I must remember that I’m MORE than a rape and emotional abuse survivor.

I’m a strong bitch when my addiction is in my head and telling me that “one drink won’t hurt” when it has, in fact, almost killed me multiple times.

Strength isn’t shown all the time. Strength doesn’t knock down cities or break through walls all the time. Sometimes, strength is just believing in yourself for an hour or a day. And that’s ok. ✨


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