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Repost from @mitch_lafon - ‪On This Day - August 14th 2012. The terrific FOZZY release album, Sin And Bones. Guitar solo on She's My Addiction by Motörhead's Phil Campbell. #BastardSons


  • 17w ago samiebertz samiebertz

    One of the most beautiful album covers of all time!

  • 17w ago happyrups_ happyrups_


  • 17w ago kyle_etidiot kyle_etidiot

    Love this record

  • 17w ago frontier.robison frontier.robison

    One of my all time favorite cd covers

  • 17w ago dublion_68 dublion_68

    sandpaper is the shit! especially with m. shadows! it was definitely a damn good song 👍🏻🤘🏻

  • 17w ago beachbaby72 beachbaby72

    Love this album! Sandpaper is one of my all time favorite songs!❤🤘

  • 16w ago sclury sclury

    Love this album

  • 16w ago omarraafat2 omarraafat2

    Sandpaaapeeer 😍😍😍

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