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Frankfurt (Main) hauptbanhof, one of the busiest railway station in Germany, located at the ‘heart’ of Europe. #deutschebahn, #frankfurtammain, #ICE, #germany🇩🇪, #Hesse, #railways_of_germany, #railwaystation, #architecture


  • 14w ago menstyle.spain menstyle.spain

    really nice post! have a nice day

  • 14w ago menstyle.portugal menstyle.portugal

    look so great, nice post

  • 13w ago tigerden tigerden

    My best memory here: Disembarked and run to ticket counter and bought another ticket for Berlin - Innbruck within 15mins before embarking back on the same train.

  • 13w ago spicyonions spicyonions

    @tigerden OMG! I would not make it in time for sure. I know this, it’s not fun running for train 🤪 Anyway, such an incident will not happen here again. DB has an app now, you can comfortably sit inside the train n get the tic online while commuting. Just the connection timing is not guaranteed. 🤭

  • 13w ago tigerden tigerden

    @spicyonions That was in 2002, even internet booking was not advance

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