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Apophyllite is thought to be a carrier of the Akashic Record with a strong link to the spiritual realm and connections with the devas, fairies and the plant kingdom. Apophyllite may be used to facilitate astral travel and provides a clear connection to the physical body during out-of-body travel. Apophyllite crystals may be used to maintain and increase energy levels supporting cellular rejuvenation and preservation. Apophyllite energetically helps to release suppressed emotions and assists with overcoming anxiety, worries, and fears. Apophyllite is a wonderful crystal tool supporting Reiki healings and allowing for a deeper state of relaxation and openness for both the practitioner and healing participant. Apophyllite works particularly well with clearing emotional traumas from childhood. The flesh colored bits are Stilbite. Stilbite's name comes from the Greek word meaning “to shine,” and that is exactly what this crystal urges you to do. The kind of support that a Stilbite crystal lends is almost parental in nature; it is unconditionally loving and emotionally grounding. It gives realistic insight with gentle vibrations.
CHAKRA(S): Brow/Third Eye, Crown, Higher Crown, & Soma
ZODIAC: Gemini and Libra
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