Instagram post by @woeanna Ana Makharashvili

I originally took this glorious picture of myself at 7 AM while getting ready for school, specifically highschool, and even more specifically this amazing school located in a "beautiful" neighbourhood - Vaughan. I won't talk about how my highschool experience sucked, but on the other hand I drew this large pastel autoportrait which I truly love, I love how crazy disappointed I felt in people while drawing this and couldn't wait to get the hell out of highschool. Still, people never fail to disappoint me to this day, but I still believe that they are really good at heart. Lol. So here's me going all Anne Frank about this and just saying that if you're still not over your highschool or even middle school bullies, don't worry, cause if @realmelissabroder is still not over it and she's in her thirties, there's nothing to worry about.


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