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SCARABYA (Prototype)| @brusselsgamesfestival I got to try out this new #puzzle #game by @brunodesmontagnes . I think the advanced 2 player game in which you both add tiles on 1 main board can be a crunchy puzzle. Didn't get to play that though. Regular gameplay is fine (for families). It does what it aims to do. #boardgame #boardgames #gamestagram #gamenight #jeuxdesociete #jocsdetaula #giochidatavolo #j2s #brettspiel #bordspel #brætspil #bgg #boardgamegeek #tabletopgames #scarab


  • 11w ago thejoyofgaming thejoyofgaming

    @elinejansens very pretty, though!

  • 11w ago deductionseduction deductionseduction

    Need your final thoughts !

  • 11w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @deductionseduction Regular gameplay is too straightforward for me.. I'm not saying it's an easy puzzle but I wasn't waiting for yet another tetris puzzle. It's a solitaire puzzle. The expert 2 player variant might be interesting but I couldn't give it a try. Not curious enough about it to buy this title at Spiel.

  • 9w ago meeplesunite meeplesunite

    Looks pretty cool :)

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