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    Hey i am doing a love notes around the world project. It is just getting people to take a photo of my love note in different places all over the world- easy and takes 5 minutes. I would love some help from Wyoming if you could! The note is in my bio and example pictures are on my page. It can be any scrap of paper and any view. Thanks!

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    So go back. At least for a little while ..

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  • 9w ago its_christine_w its_christine_w

    @julisa11717 I had a job interview at 1pm today. If I dont get it, I'll start driving again

  • 9w ago its_christine_w its_christine_w

    @lovesobigtrades I would love to help, but I live in FL. This was taken a few months ago. Good luck in your letter adventure though!! It sounds like an amazing idea

  • 9w ago lovesobigtrades lovesobigtrades

    @its_christine_w i need help from there too if you do want to help.


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