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is kyrie the best PG in the league?
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  • 1d ago tzee06872 tzee06872

    @nick.shx any you probably don’t know what shut the fuck up means cause you still arguing with a 10 year old grow up some day Bitch

  • 1d ago tzee06872 tzee06872

    @nick.shx You arguing with a 10 year old get the fuck outta here grow up some day BITCH

  • 1d ago botrazy botrazy

    @__kingyellow 💯

  • 1d ago jacehager_16 jacehager_16


  • 1d ago igot_games igot_games

    @lailaand_o1 yes he’s better than all the pgs that play in the nba right now

  • 1d ago lailaand_o1 lailaand_o1

    @igot_games Curry is not better den everybody in the league best point guards of all time is 1. Allen Iverson 2. Steve Nash 3 KYRIE IRVING 4.Stephen Curry

  • 1d ago kyle.22.collins kyle.22.collins

    @andreas_lmp so your basically saying curry is better because he has now 4 more all stars on his team to back him up when in all of his finals wins, he hasn’t even gotten a ring as that would be Andre iguadala and Kevin Durant. I would say curry is amongst the top three maybe top two, but not at the top (not saying kyrie is #1 but I think is better than curry)

  • 1d ago kyle.22.collins kyle.22.collins


  • 1d ago aidan_beaulieu7 aidan_beaulieu7


  • 1d ago trecrossover trecrossover

    Coach was tellin him to scoot up too 😂😂

  • 1d ago chahalgurtej23 chahalgurtej23

    @kyle.22.collins fuck love xxxtentacion

  • 1d ago abdurrahim9900 abdurrahim9900

    @josh.gwolla I didn't have WiFi for a bit but I said KYRIE is still better than curry

  • 1d ago abdurrahim9900 abdurrahim9900

    I just stated that curry is a good player not better then curry

  • 1d ago goodiemobz goodiemobz

    What the fuck kind of defense was that? Big shot tho.

  • 1d ago abdurrahim9900 abdurrahim9900

    Ray has the most 3pts in the league but curry is coming up the ranks

  • 1d ago abdurrahim9900 abdurrahim9900

    But still I think kyrie is still better

  • 1d ago danilo_jovanovic25 danilo_jovanovic25


  • 1d ago dat_dude2578 dat_dude2578

    No doubt

  • 1d ago burhan_clkkl burhan_clkkl

    Şu kadar rahat olsam yeter aq

  • 1d ago rahsaantalley rahsaantalley

    What song is That?

  • 1d ago louis_mo18 louis_mo18

    @rahsaantalley fuck love

  • 1d ago igot_games igot_games

    @lailaand_o1 I was talking about point guards that play in the nba right now

  • 1d ago igot_games igot_games

    @lailaand_o1 and Allen Iverson is a SG

  • 23h ago andreas_lmp andreas_lmp

    @kyle.22.collins Man so do u want a compare.. Curry better scorer , better shooter(the greatest), better rebounder and better leader because of the fact that he start the rise of the warriors 2015 nba champion and a MVP with only 1 star Play because Green wasn't the solid defender that he is today and I believe that Kyrie and Curry are equal in assist category.. As for Kyrie has got elite handles, better defender and I consider him as the clutchest player of the league , however he is not so good leader as curry because if the last year was his first as a leader because of king James was the leader in Cavs... Summing up I believe that is... Curry Kyrie Russ Cp3 Dame Wall the top PGs of the world

  • 22h ago dylan.rahn dylan.rahn


  • 21h ago yassirsatout yassirsatout

    Song name plz

  • 18h ago kyle.22.collins kyle.22.collins

    @andreas_lmp I can agree with most of what you said, I’m just saying curry doesn’t have to prove as much as kyrie does because he has 4 more all stars on his team to back him up, kyrie does have a whole lot of young talent rn, but no all stars other than Gordon Hayward, who was injured all season

  • 18h ago andreas_lmp andreas_lmp

    @kyle.22.collins u man are wrong .. the fact that curry has 4 all stars makes him worse player?

  • 18h ago kyle.22.collins kyle.22.collins

    @andreas_lmp makes him have less to prove by being on the most stacked team

  • 18h ago andreas_lmp andreas_lmp

    @kyle.22.collins yes but also prove the leadership spirit because he subcude in order to win

  • 18h ago kyle.22.collins kyle.22.collins

    @andreas_lmp so let me ask you this, curry or LeBron

  • 18h ago andreas_lmp andreas_lmp

    @kyle.22.collins of course LeBron

  • 18h ago andreas_lmp andreas_lmp

    @kyle.22.collins King participates in the GOAT talk and Curry is now a top 30 player of all time

  • 17h ago hmdofficial hmdofficial

    @yagzalp.deutschland_ 💝

  • 17h ago youns95z17 youns95z17

    No is russel Westbrook

  • 16h ago hoodie__angel hoodie__angel

    When Shaun was on the Cavs 😎

  • 11h ago anagulan2003 anagulan2003


  • 11h ago trentonnn33 trentonnn33

    😂hell nah

  • 10h ago serg.pinozalo serg.pinozalo


  • 2h ago bestofrapandrock bestofrapandrock

    Westbrook is not a top point guard. Curry is the best. Efficient, every assist is a play made not a bullshit assist. Pass first. Great off ball offense, catch and shoot, and can create for himself and finish at the rim and has great handles. Westbrick can drive and dunk or dish and that’s it. Mind you he dishes out with little time making it very tough shots and gets pissed if you pass it again and don’t take the shot cause he wants the assist🙃


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