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Finding Your VOICE (Through the Throat Chakra). At times you may doubt the value of your own voice, feeling your opinions do not matter or often told to keep quiet. When you feel like this, connect with your voice and find ways to express yourself rather than closing down. Your voice DOES matter and you can express your true self! You could try singing with family and friends or opportunities to read aloud as this will strengthen your throat chakra and voice confidence. You could find a strong voice you admire and draw strength from it's energy, this can be a musician, a school teacher or someone in your family. When you find your voice mentor, explore what it is you admire about this voice and learn from this. Listening to music is also wonderful way to nuture to your own voice, hearing words that you connect to. Sing these songs aloud or hum along to the beat - let yourself feel the words flow and the emotions they evoke. #heyyourule #voice #throatchakra #yourvoicematters #singing #strength #sing #confidence #empower #rolemodels #mentors #inspiration #energy #childhood #strength #empoweringkids


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