Instagram post by @sophs_science_experiments Sophie Beuerlein

Your voice matters, your voice matters, YOUR VOICE matters. Some of you may have already seen my snap about the desperate Orca situation in the Salish Sea currently. Some of you may have seen posts about a particular orca who, along with her female community, has been carried her dead calf for over two weeks holding it above water for all to see. Their population has been in grave danger for some time now and this has happened before, but this mama set the record. They are crying out for us to see them, hear them, help them. The wild salmon population has been in great decline for years and years now and the orcas are starving. And they are not the only ones effected, it has and it will ripple throughout the local ecosystem and on and on. There is a number here and on so many pages to call Governor Inslee to ask him to act immediately. It is easy to do. Takes hardly any time and if successful could be greatly impactful. Please pick up your phone tomorrow if this speaks to you. The Earth and all its inhabitants are crying out and it is our job to act now in any small or big way possible. 🌎 #chinooksalmon #protecttheorcas #protectthesalmon #protecttheearth #yourvoicematters

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