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Builders, we have another product for you at @cmctriggers!


  • 13w ago alexanderoutdoors alexanderoutdoors

    @cmctriggers 👍👏👏

  • 13w ago cmctriggers cmctriggers

    #cmctriggers #madeintexas #runcmc #triggersnob #lifetimewarranty

  • 13w ago designerdope88 designerdope88

    Perfect I need 2 right now to go with my cmc triggers and lpk's

  • 13w ago capt.mike73 capt.mike73

    Hello CMC, any plans to offer a h2 or h3 buffer in the future?😢

  • 13w ago pcombs75 pcombs75

    @ig25ig sure. Because h2 buffers are standard with every manufacturer’s kit 🙄

  • 13w ago tater333 tater333


  • 13w ago chiefarms chiefarms

    Excellent! Any pistol buffs??

  • 13w ago armamentweaponry armamentweaponry

    Psalm 90:17, good stuff. 👍

  • 13w ago smoon321 smoon321


  • 13w ago djrod55 djrod55

    Will these fit shockwave blades or Sig braces.?

  • 13w ago delphitactical delphitactical

    Gonna hey some ASAP 👊

  • 13w ago dakotatactical dakotatactical

    Any plans for an H3 buffer kit?

  • 13w ago simmonsfirearmsandcoating simmonsfirearmsandcoating

    Nice! Love the Verse on the packaging Y'all will be getting my business! Keep it up!

  • 13w ago thedjentleninja thedjentleninja

    I guess I should start my build. lol. my stripped Anderson lower has been sittin there long enough. xD

  • 13w ago pcombs75 pcombs75

    @ig25ig coming from the guy who likes his own comment. The fact that no “standard” kit comes with an H buffer. Meaning, H, H2, or H3. Talk about someone that doesn’t know what their talking about.

  • 13w ago youngbuckdave youngbuckdave

    Very nice!

  • 13w ago toshmagosh10 toshmagosh10


  • 13w ago lordmungus lordmungus

    I don’t see it on your website. When will it be available and what is the cost?

  • 13w ago pcombs75 pcombs75

    @pcombs75 well look who’s a little angry boy. While I’ll admit, I meant to say H and not H2 in my previous post, It’s not hard to know that standard kits come with a standard buffer which you apparently do not realize. Not an H buffer. Standard- 3 steel weights, H buffer-2steel, 1 tungsten, H2 1 steel, 2 tungsten, H3 - 3 tungsten. I’ve done this a while. Go back to knowing what the hell you’re talking about before you run your cock holster.

  • 13w ago zach.bailiff zach.bailiff


  • 13w ago zaneadams.tx zaneadams.tx

    Is it "sproing" sound resistant? Lol :)

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