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The pink flags mark artificial ant nests. This is the last set of 50 nests I placed in natural areas from the Everglades to the FL/GA border. 2000 nests placed - now all I have to do is go back in spring and pick them up.


  • 18w ago rkellerp rkellerp

    Glad to see you are still alive :)

  • 18w ago jaredbybee jaredbybee

    What will they tell you in the spring🐜?

  • 18w ago clermont1 clermont1

    What attracts ants to these nests?

  • 18w ago antmuseum antmuseum

    @jaredbybee I’ll collect them as live colonies and see which ants (if any) fight other colonies of the same species. We know little about ant community dynamics in native habitats - especially in southeastern forests.

  • 18w ago antmuseum antmuseum

    @clermont1 they are simply empty cavities that are similar to hollow sticks. Many ants nest in found cavities. They are basically prefabricated free homes.

  • 18w ago brynadamson brynadamson

    So cool! Will you be looking for those that migrate?

  • 18w ago danspeeder danspeeder

    @clermont1 like an underpass for bums

  • 18w ago antmuseum antmuseum

    @danspeeder I prefer the term “spend thrifty” community

  • 18w ago antmuseum antmuseum

    @brynadamson not so much migrate, but as sticks and empty nuts that they use decompose, ants will move to find a new suitable home. It could be that these will also provide new nesting opportunities to foundress queens starting a new colony after their mating flight.

  • 18w ago antmuseum antmuseum

    @rkellerp just wasted a few heartbeats to potential predatory stress - it was quite an amazing experience.

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