Instagram post by @tylerexperience Tyler Mccoy💕🧟‍♂️🎉

The trip took a bit of an unexpected turn.
After an epic 3-day camping music festival in southern Ireland (with much dancing) followed by missed flights (so more dancing), then delayed flights and the usual chaos of international travel, I arrived in Basel Switzerland more than a bit exhausted.
I'd apparently picked up a stowaway.
After 2 days of fever, vomiting and phenomenally painful exhaustion, a doctor informed me my stowaway was in fact a Bacterial Pneumonia - and that I'd best head to an emergency room pronto.
Having been here, now, for some 3 days, I can say it's been one of the most unexpectedly gracious, peaceful, luxurious experiences I've had in ages. Just alone the space to reset, wonder, contemplate. Invaluable. ✨✨✨
Thank you to everyone who wished me well! I love you and feel quite blessed by your presence in my life, know that. 🔥✨❣️
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