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BREAKING NEWS: #LindseyBuckingham announces the first date of his solo tour in Melbourne, Florida.
Tickets on sale Friday, August 17.
Ticket link in bio!


  • 17w ago coastal_heart coastal_heart

    @fleetwoodmacfanclub Good for him! Love Lindsey! Makes no sense that he is touring, but didn’t want to tour with FM until 11/19? 🎈

  • 17w ago muttsandmanis muttsandmanis

    @coastal_heart His not wanting to tour with FM isn’t true.

  • 17w ago muttsandmanis muttsandmanis

    Need the rest of the dates!

  • 17w ago austincallen austincallen

    Reno, Nevada 👍

  • 17w ago coastal_heart coastal_heart

    @muttsandmanis I know. It’s has to do with him & SN 😀

  • 17w ago jewelsandlace jewelsandlace

    I will be there #istandwithlindsey

  • 17w ago helpcamdenfindacure helpcamdenfindacure

    I just dont think he is a crowd getter without stevie and the rest of Fleetwood mac. Plus I didnt think he wanted to your anymore.

  • 17w ago helpcamdenfindacure helpcamdenfindacure

    @coastal_heart I heard just as you did. He didnt want to tour. Fleetwood mac will still do good just as the eagles are doing either new guitarist and singer vince gill

  • 17w ago obladi_oblada_life obladi_oblada_life

    Yes! #istandwithlindsey

  • 17w ago coastal_heart coastal_heart

    @fleetwoodmacfanclub What I just read from their former RM after he talked to Chris, is that it had to do between him & SN & their long complicated relationship between one another. I saw SN in an interview recently & she came across a little agitated & said that her & LB are not friends. ☹️ Somehow, they will get through it eventually or things will still soften.

  • 17w ago debcakes26 debcakes26

    @coastal_heart Stevie did a new interview recently?

  • 17w ago debcakes26 debcakes26

    He needs to announce all the tour dates! Lindsey will be getting plenty of big crowds to see him because so many of us are in support of him, not only for his immense talent, but because we stand by him after what FM has done to him.

  • 17w ago coastal_heart coastal_heart

    @debcakes26 👍🏼

  • 17w ago shadiya526 shadiya526

    Man, that’s a 45 minute drive from me!!

  • 17w ago lisa_chiesa1 lisa_chiesa1

    @helpcamdenfindacure that wasn’t true. And Glenn Frey died. He wasn’t fired. And Neil Finn and mike Campbell are no Vince Gill.

  • 17w ago helpcamdenfindacure helpcamdenfindacure

    @lisa_chiesa didnt say glenn was fired. My point was is that I don't think Lindsey was the crowd getter. Fleetwood mac really didnt hit it big until stevie and Lindsey joined up. Stevie pretty much had an affair with all the Male members of the band or at least mic and Lindsey. Yea they took 2 people in to replace Lindsey but was it a case where they had to or did the 2 have more to offer. Dont know but we will find out soon enough. Hearing that shows are scaling out already.

  • 17w ago der2088 der2088

    @helpcamdenfindacure lol the capacity is 1000😂😂😂 #shit

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