Instagram post by @keepinitreal.shelby Shelby Brandon

Let me tell you the story of this poor poor flower!
So daddy got mommy flowers last night! Very cute. Very unexpected. I might have cried a little bit. Somebody (I won't name names (let's call her B., Bennett B.)) might have been a tad bit jealous. So this morning I cut her off one of the tiny flowers. She lit up and was so excited. 15 minutes later she broke the stem off. She then was upset that it was broken. So being the Oklahoma girl that I am fixed it with duck tape. This poor flower has been dragged everywhere. Bennett is now taking a nap with a broken stemmed, petaless flower. But she loves it, petals or no petals. #agirlandherflower #mommygotflowers #daddylovesmommy #ducktapefixeseverything #theadventuresofthepoorflower #toddlertantrumsoveraflower #brokenflowersareprettytoo #oklahomagirl #mydadwouldbeproud


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