Instagram post by @vtsuprema Surima Saavedra Duckworth

I have enjoyed the sunrise each day this week, but this morning I felt especially joyful watching it. I had no real logical reason to feel this way, but it just welled up inside of me. As I prayed for the needs of people in our church, I kept wanting to jump up and down. I'm not a bouncy human being at 6am! But I could not contain my joy! So my requests turned into praise, my prayers turned into song, and I went with the bounce. I like to close my prayers with a psalm. I felt Psalm 92 needed to be the one I read today, not remembering what it was about. And then this! All about praising God for His goodness!! I didn't need to petition God for the needs of His people today. I needed to praise Him for who He is and for what He is doing in each person's life. If praising has helped me battle my own fears away, then praising can help me intercede for them. Maybe that's your battle plan today, too. Whether our human brains understand it or not, praise him joyfully today and see what happens. You might just have a "bouncy" kind of day, which is highly contagious ;). Praising Him for you, too, friends! #battleplan #abundantjoy #overflow #unleashtheWord #justbounce

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