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I used to be ashamed of my features. My big ears, my big and non western nose, my bushy eyebrows. I hated my curls and the thickness of my hair. I remember one school party when this little boy asked every girl in the room if they wanted to dance with him. Everyone except me. The other girls had boyfriends. Having a boyfriend was a measure of beauty. But then something changed. I noticed that I could charm guys. So I started doing that. I could get almost whoever I wanted. It started to become an addiction. I collected flirts, sex partners and guys. I felt I gained control over my body and sexuality by having sex and by acting like a dude. But that was not the case. I acted as if I was in control, but I still felt empty. And since I wanted to be seen as a strong and independent sexual woman I didn't want to admit what I felt, and what situations I experienced.

Being a woman is always wandering a thin line between being too much or too little. A prude or a whore. A frigid or a maneater. And life is a fucking rocky road of adventure and exploitation.
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    Allt har alltid handlat om dem, ville de inte ha en var man ingenting... jag lärde mig spelet, jag gladde mig åt fångsten men var sedan tom inuti... hela tiden hör jag människor omkring mig som talar om kvinnor som om de på något sätt ska pleasa eller vara för mäns skull... Det gör mig matt, aldrig blir man av med det... jag hoppas för mina döttrar att det ska tystna en dag dock...💥💪🏼

  • 6w ago jandihearteco jandihearteco

    @photobyangelicahvass Ja men precis. Och så har man skapat en bild av den självständiga kvinnan som någon som beter sig som en snubbe, som bara är destruktiv.

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    bei deinem feed wird man ja ganz neidisch 😭😍..

  • 4w ago jandihearteco jandihearteco

    @hometownsupply say what


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