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I'm gonna bring with me 3 books
-•° Contagion , Notes on a Nervous Planet , and The Demon Within °•- I was gonna bring 5 but my husband found out about it and he said "do you want to buy more books or no?"
So I decided to bring 3 books only 😆
The thing is, majority of books that I have are hardback, so they're a bit heavy (but I have no regrets) 🤣
9 hours flight.. need to have 2 on a plane and 1 when I get to the hotel ☺
I don't even know what I'm gonna do once I get there, I've never been to NZ before. 😞 *ugh* and I'm so tired.. I haven't slept for 18 hours. This is bad.. this is so bad.. 😞

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