Instagram post by @fierani_ Nathalie.

#throwback to 5 years ago vs now. A few months after the start of this journey and now a few months before its end.

I get alot of questions about my surgery, what, why and so on. Today I had all 4 wisdoms removed and a screw placed through my lower jawbone to provide an anchor.

The surgery will take around november I'ts a double jaw surgery meaning they will break my upper and lower jaw in order to move them into the right position and secure them with screws and plates. It's a surgery I decided on doing myself. It is an optional surgery in a way but also not. Both my jaws are not in the correct position and the lower jaw is too short. This causes and can cause more serious issues then what alot of people think "it just looks prettier": digestion (its almost impossible to keep a solid weight due to my body not digesting correctly as I cant chew as I should), eating can become painful when I grow older, I will be able to close my mouth without requiring to work out for it and breathing will become more convenient.
I dont give a shit about what people think of me having braces for all these years. I was a complicated case and that case is nearing its end.


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