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"I love this photograph because, in just one moment, it complicates our idea of sheep as thoughtless, easily fooled and docile lambs to the slaughter. One sheep's head is turned to the side. This sheep on the gangplank seems to ask whether we're really sure that we have nothing in common with him. In our failure to deal with climate change or resist the compulsion to eat the animal products that are making us sick and warming the planet, are we humans going up our own gangplank to meet our doom? And if so, why should we think we animals are mastering our own future any better than those animals whom we consider the epitome of passive victimhood?" - Jo
πŸ“·: Sheep on a gangplank at the Ballarat Saleyards. Australia, 2013.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals


  • 6w ago rociandopalabras rociandopalabras

    πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ I totally agree...sadness always in my heart...

  • 6w ago francesbrit francesbrit

    Brilliant thoughts

  • 6w ago billkauffman billkauffman

    Shepherd on! Enjoy the Hoe Down!

  • 6w ago green.veganista green.veganista

    Powerful image and very good question! People need to #wakeup πŸ’”πŸ™πŸ»

  • 6w ago tournesol242_ tournesol242_

    This little sheep deserve so much better, than a lot of other humans.

  • 6w ago thefreckledv3gan thefreckledv3gan

    Sheep are amazingly wonderful creatures.

  • 6w ago bakedbeanpizza bakedbeanpizza

    I know some people are not going to be happy about this comparison, but this reminds me of images of people during the war being shipped onto trains to their deaths

  • 6w ago veganbliss4life veganbliss4life

    So spot on. β€œAre humans going up our own gangplank to meet our doom”. Unless we work to end the oppression of animals, the answer most certainly is β€œYes”.

  • 6w ago tonichieppa tonichieppa


  • 6w ago katrin_horv katrin_horv


  • 6w ago mydreamforanimals mydreamforanimals

    such a powerful image πŸ™πŸΌ

  • 6w ago avasavanttt avasavanttt


  • 6w ago angie.fritz angie.fritz


  • 6w ago bob_7458 bob_7458

    I am trying not to close my eyes to this but I find it really upsetting. I’m going through a stressful time right now and I may have to unfollow for a little while. Hope you understand. #meatismurder

  • 6w ago helenakroli helenakroli


  • 6w ago justine_mckee justine_mckee

    So true. Such a sad thought provoking image 😒

  • 6w ago kmmk8 kmmk8


  • 6w ago fantathelamb fantathelamb


  • 6w ago danielxferreira danielxferreira


  • 6w ago jjoyhomegirlland jjoyhomegirlland

    😭sorrow but truth! The change needed is so clear!

  • 6w ago __.megg__ __.megg__

    Tal cual. Β‘QuΓ© ganas de gritarles que no suban!

  • 6w ago santdn santdn

    The irony in this is so deep. Such a powerful thought!!!

  • 6w ago santdn santdn

    @juliaacolangelo this

  • 6w ago georgeweissphotography georgeweissphotography

    the real sheep are humans that blindly follow our leaders

  • 6w ago raejmartens raejmartens

    Thought provoking and absolutely true! The battle to stopp Live Animal Exports is moving ever closer here in Australia πŸ™πŸΌ

  • 6w ago ndhis ndhis

    Such a powerful image. Sheep are such sensitive animals, remember faces and friends for years. Treating them as a commodity is incredibly wrong and inhumane. #govegan #animalcruelty #stopliveexport #stopliveanimalexports #compassion

  • 6w ago lorilwoods lorilwoods


  • 6w ago

    Such gentle creatures, we should take heed!

  • 6w ago tuffins11 tuffins11


  • 6w ago theycallmeznasty theycallmeznasty

    I was just thinking of this term β€œlamb to slaughter,” meaning unaware or aloof but whenever I’ve seen a lamb get slaughtered they fight with all their might.

  • 6w ago juliaacolangelo juliaacolangelo

    @santdn this makes me so frustrated that others don’t understand and sad for these beings

  • 6w ago daryl.hebix daryl.hebix

    Future generations will spit on our graves

  • 6w ago erinireland erinireland


  • 6w ago loving_np loving_np


  • 6w ago ridnea ridnea

    Very well said and a powerful image.

  • 6w ago ines_000 ines_000

    this just gave me goosepumps

  • 6w ago woodjkyle woodjkyle

    @briezie_33 yummm lamb chops for Gary!!!

  • 6w ago woodjkyle woodjkyle

    and just to clarify - im vegan... trying to get my sissy to adopt more plant based meals

  • 6w ago stephanieannmattera stephanieannmattera


  • 5w ago les_routes_de_la_vie les_routes_de_la_vie



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