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Y’all know what day it is... obligatory first day of school pictures, taking up your newsfeed. I can’t believe my girls are embarking on 5th and 4th grade. Moments I pray about as they get older include things such as them still asking me to fix their hair or repainting their nails bc they got messed up in the middle of the night and we can’t have messed up nails on the first day of school {both of which happened this morning}. Those are simple things, I know, but they are things that make a mama feel needed and cherished. It makes my heart full.
I pray every child has a great first day and feels loved as they go through their day and when they go home this afternoon. I pray every teacher pours love, wisdom, and encouragement onto each student and at the end of the day their lives are touched and they are able to relax from the chaos that is the first day. •

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