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Claudia is a ugly name 🤮🤢👽


  • 18w ago thalilmermaid thalilmermaid

    I would Marry a Claudia and have 6 kids and a house Fuck it throw in a puppy.

  • 18w ago thalilmermaid thalilmermaid

    Meaning of the name Claudia: One of the most amazing people around. She is funny and beautiful in a unique way and seems super confident. When she walks into the room it instantly gets brighter. She has trouble fully trusting everyone but when she says you are friends she means it. She is a super friend and will be there until the end. But if you hurt her... well lets just say, sleep with one eye open

  • 18w ago chinkzmay chinkzmay

    Ummm untrue caption

  • 18w ago leenah.kray leenah.kray

    Your buggin. Pretty name for a baddie 😍

  • 18w ago joshuatavarez1 joshuatavarez1

    Happy Alien 👽 Day 😂😂 by the way Claudia is a beautiful name❤️god gives you this name maybe it has a meaning through your life

  • 18w ago denisseramos_ denisseramos_

    So trueee I love Claudia 💕

  • 17w ago shits_critical shits_critical

    Actually ur name is sexy asf, and in spanish, 10x more! 😍

  • 17w ago _claudia_curves_ _claudia_curves_

    @thalilmermaid I love you bae

  • 17w ago b_wildn b_wildn

    Great Feed!

  • 16w ago ibinsavage ibinsavage

    Big puta gang!

  • 3w ago skittelzmusic skittelzmusic

    Out of this world

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