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City of Vladimir, Golden Gates. We filmed it with Tony about 10 years ago for ABNR Russia episode #friendship #riptony #russia #vladimir


  • 14w ago jessmarchione jessmarchione

    Much love to you Zamir, he is so very missed ❤️

  • 14w ago henrythefrenchonion henrythefrenchonion


  • 14w ago eclecticmeandco eclecticmeandco

    Ahhhh so missed...Sometimes I wake up at 5 AM and watch three or four episodes 💔grieving continues....

  • 14w ago i_am_your_guru i_am_your_guru

    I miss AB, I still can’t believe he’s gone. Good for you, keep his memory alive!

  • 14w ago lori_lyn_m lori_lyn_m

    Omg I loved you two together. I miss Tony😞

  • 14w ago j_valek j_valek

    You two were epic together!

  • 14w ago topcatpt topcatpt

    You two were a dynamic duo

  • 14w ago lmitche87 lmitche87


  • 14w ago ydnar.p ydnar.p

    Dude! You don’t know how I miss him and you!!! Stay well my friend I never met !!!

  • 14w ago justinethompsonball justinethompsonball

    Take care of you Zamir. 💐This is a beautiful place.

  • 14w ago krisfroelke krisfroelke

    Excellent Zamir!, thank you, your costumes were awesome. Vlad 😀

  • 14w ago serenity307 serenity307

    stay well @zamirgotta loved the connection you both had together! hes always with you, stay strong! we are here for you! you two had such a wonderful incredible funny brotherly bond! it will forever be amazing!

  • 14w ago tannese73 tannese73

    Loved watching your friendship

  • 14w ago tannese73 tannese73

    My favorite was the lashing he got with branches and some sort of massage before you jumped into the cold water? Was a while ago laughed so hard!

  • 14w ago kryspettitartwork kryspettitartwork

    Always loved the episodes with the two of you.

  • 14w ago vajake321 vajake321

    Beautiful Brother

  • 14w ago the_officialtraveller_daily the_officialtraveller_daily

    @zamirgotta it’s was a great episode and you’ll Always have those great memories.

  • 14w ago sarahadley14 sarahadley14


  • 14w ago yo_adrian96 yo_adrian96

    @zamirgotta мне очень жаль. Я хотел чтобы мы познакомился, но теперь не могу. Удачи вам и пожалуйста помните что он жить через нам.

  • 14w ago dawsonpix dawsonpix

    Great memories I’m sure ❤️✊🏼.

  • 14w ago gary_cav_yto gary_cav_yto

    Samir... hands down the best shows of Tony were with you!!!

  • 14w ago sweetpech4 sweetpech4

    Miss hearing his voice so much. Watching re-runs just isn't the same.

  • 14w ago astralatticjan astralatticjan

    Cheers to you both!

  • 14w ago stephenrpowell stephenrpowell

    Wish I could go there!!

  • 13w ago redblunniediary redblunniediary


  • 13w ago naleks15 naleks15

    Какая необычная, для Российских церквей, архитектура! Или я ошибаюсь и в тех краях это типично? Тони... 😭очень сочувствую, Замир!

  • 13w ago zamirgotta zamirgotta

    @naleks15 очень необычная, спасибо

  • 12w ago nfs_project nfs_project


  • 12w ago ronpoorman ronpoorman

    💯great photo!

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