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I have an absolute love affair with the rollers by Young Living - have you tried them all? The premade rollers make the blends easy to use, for so many different purposes! Just grab โ€˜em and go! + Deep Relief: This blend is perfect for all the stress and strain in your neck, shoulders, and other muscles. We also rub it around the outside of our ears when they get stopped up for relief. After a workout or a long day, the icy goodness down your neck and on tired muscles say THANK YOU! + RutaVaLa Roll-On: Ready to relax at the pool? RutaVaLa combines Ruta (grown at our Ecuador farm), Valerian (praise hands), and Lavender (our unicorn oil) for a calming aroma, and its roll-on packaging makes it easy to toss in your bag and use wherever you are! Some people find this one is their absolute ticket to good sleep and calming. + Breathe Again: - This is an AMAZING lung/respiratory support!!! This is a MUST for the winter months!! + Tranquil Roll-On - the ultimate in convenience for your bedtime routine. SO GOOD! Swipe right on the bottom of the feet as you climb into bed! + Stress Away Roll On: Your vacation in a bottle, convenient and ready to go with you to the grocery store, school, work, or wherever you need to pretend you're in a beach chair sipping something cold and watching the waves! + Valor Roll-On: Valor is a blend that is close to the heart of Gary and YL. The integrity of this valuable blend will always be of highest priority.This is our bravery oil. Our courage oil. Our fortitude oil. Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude, and to refocus at the end of a challenging day.



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