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Rip Infowars's social media presence. At least they didn't get the daily stormer treatment...
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  • 14w ago thiccy_erwin_rommel thiccy_erwin_rommel

    This is censorship of the press, something everyone would be outraged about if it wasn’t infowars

  • 14w ago hesse.nassau hesse.nassau

    @thiccy_erwin_rommel just wait till (accidentally) leftist media is getting censored. Just wait for the shitstorm when some of their propaganda gets censored

  • 14w ago presidentofkekistan presidentofkekistan

    @hesse.nassau my bets are on the Huffington post.

  • 14w ago kamikaze740 kamikaze740

    Alex Jones still got Twitter tho

  • 14w ago jpdl1995 jpdl1995

    Rip in peace humble water filter salesman

  • 14w ago taco_state taco_state

    They're not done yet. More and more of us are getting shadowbanned her on IG.

  • 14w ago teddyboygregthebarbermoscow teddyboygregthebarbermoscow

    @presidentofkekistan I have all the info of the little bitch family who got Alex jones taken off please drop me a direct message if you want it I’m trying to get it released on mass to jones followers the guy who got jones taken down is Jared holt he works for right wing watch I have all his families info I tracked it today !

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