Instagram post by @ellis_l.d Ellis Lewis-Dragstra

YELLOW IN THE BLUE (Commission for the London Arts in Health Forum) This was inspired by a combination of art events I attended from a student art gallery to drama performance days. A common theme throughout the students gallery work was about colour and shapes and how they naturally emote human emotions. So I created this face using basic shapes and a range of colours. The idea of blue relating to depression inspired the bottom shoulder of the figure being all blue like a wave with a small figure drowning in it as depression can sometimes feel. But often changing your perspective on things can be a more long lasting solution to depression then medication. So I used the same small drowning figure with inverted colours on the top of the image floating, signifying that they are identical but with different perspectives. Just like shapes they can change from looking at things from different viewpoints. I used the colour yellow to signify the positivity with the negative (the blue). There being more yellow towards the top of them image and less at the bottom where its engulfed by blue. Apart from the yellow paper boat that I felt was the perfect symbol relating to the water (the blue and depression) but also keeping you afloat. relating back to the belief in changing perspective, the boat can be folded into another more positive shape like a bird, representing freedom. Despite it looking different, it is still made up of the same paper as the boat it was previously, just the perspective and shape have changed.

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