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Little Big Shots Australia is back tonight on @channel7 at 7pm! #LittleBigShotsAU


  • 7w ago theshanejacobson theshanejacobson

    @tiffany28tiffany you certainly have just said it.

  • 7w ago tiffany28tiffany tiffany28tiffany

    @theshanejacobson sorry just stating facts 🙌🏽

  • 7w ago blessing.zathang blessing.zathang

    Has anyone told u ur the best host ever @theshanejacobson ? Much love

  • 7w ago theshanejacobson theshanejacobson

    @tiffany28tiffany it’s at least nice to know that you watched every single episode last year to establish the “fact” (as you call it) that ALL the kids were as bad as you have labeled them. The truth is most of the kids were adorable to work with and I just hope none of their parents read your rather harsh comment. In summary, your message is not a FACT it’s just an opinion which you are absolutely entitled to, but they are just kids.

  • 7w ago theshanejacobson theshanejacobson

    @blessing.zathang that’s lovely, thanks you.

  • 7w ago kaylaaa_1100 kaylaaa_1100

    I CANNOT WAIT!!! I’m super excited for it to be back on and love you Shane your the best person ever!❤️😂❤️❤️❤️

  • 7w ago jinggu8 jinggu8

    Yeah!! 4 months waiting is over 👏😍

  • 7w ago tiffany28tiffany tiffany28tiffany

    @theshanejacobson social media is opinion based-after that comment I will not be watching! Was a fan now not so much! Kids are raised to be so rude & obnoxious. You play up to the fact that they’re cheeky!

  • 7w ago theshanejacobson theshanejacobson

    @tiffany28tiffany I thought you weren’t watching anyway..... I am fine with opinion but you labeled it FACT. Enjoy not watching won’t you. I’m not angry BTW. But I am a little amused by your comments...... Kids are raised to be rude & obnoxious you say..... I’m not even quite sure what you mean by this? Very interesting thought process you have

  • 7w ago french_mrs french_mrs

    Awesome, can’t wait! You’re the perfect host for this show!

  • 7w ago eddybear6390 eddybear6390

    @theshanejacobson such an impressive group so far this season! Your hosting skill are very amusing as well, keep the good work up!

  • 7w ago kim_andrewsobrien kim_andrewsobrien

    Omg the juggling boys so gorgeous amd so incredible 😊

  • 7w ago kim_andrewsobrien kim_andrewsobrien

    Should be on twice a week or for an hour just amazing love these amazing kids and you shane jacobson 😍

  • 7w ago kasandrahouriganhodge kasandrahouriganhodge

    These kids are so talented and its awesome to see how smart kids are these days.

  • 7w ago iamsarahredmond iamsarahredmond

    If I had half the skill and confidence of these kids, I’d feel pretty lucky. Once again, adorable start to the season!

  • 7w ago billie.bebe billie.bebe

    I watched the show my kids love it @theshanejacobson your the man of many talents last week you were naked this week it’s a kids show hahaha marry me Shane!!!

  • 7w ago ebearlt ebearlt

    @theshanejacobson thanks for sticking up for us obnoxious little sh*ts Shane!! 😅 You truly are a champion for children! 🤗

  • 7w ago batman_loves_ivy batman_loves_ivy

    @tiffany28tiffany sounds like you might be a little obnoxious s*** who's grown into an adult obnoxious s***. Grow up and leave you nasty opinions to yourself.

  • 7w ago s_goss81 s_goss81

    Watched it for the first time with our 6 and 7 year old boys and we loved loved loved it. @theshanejacobson you are bloody hilarious 😁

  • 7w ago originalstuey originalstuey

    Little Big Shots was pure gold tonight. So many amazing kids - looking forward to the next episode... 👍🏻💯

  • 7w ago smekiwi smekiwi

    You call it shaneo don't let these keyboard douches run you or your show down bro

  • 7w ago marieluisa2016 marieluisa2016

    Love the show and you are so great at hosting the show too.. you are so good chatting to those kids... a real natural ... 😁😁🤗🤗

  • 7w ago theshanejacobson theshanejacobson

    @smekiwi thanks mate

  • 6w ago kidman_kandles kidman_kandles

    My goodness, those Ethiopian brothers - mind blown!!! Awesome show, great family viewing :)

  • 6w ago kidman_kandles kidman_kandles

    @batman_loves_ivy well said lol

  • 6w ago kazzie151 kazzie151

    This kid was very entertaining 😊

  • 6w ago colliesimon colliesimon

    Loved the show last night @theshanejacobson

  • 6w ago addiefischernicoll addiefischernicoll

    Love!! @theshanejacobson check your messages 🤭🌸

  • 6w ago d.aisymc d.aisymc

    Seeing you this Friday night in #rockyhorrorau , my friends and I will all be wearing our Red Scarves, hope you'll see us!! 🤞🏼@theshanejacobson

  • 6w ago anonymissymissmiss anonymissymissmiss

    Really disappointing what I’m reading in today’s paper. Won’t be watching you again.

  • 6w ago theshanejacobson theshanejacobson

    @anonymissymissmiss what a pity you are not interested in the truth. The truth will come out eventually

  • 6w ago anonymissymissmiss anonymissymissmiss

    @theshanejacobson don’t be that guy. It’s very unaustralian to dump people who put you where you are today. Very disappointing.

  • 6w ago theshanejacobson theshanejacobson

    @anonymissymissmiss seriously....... you are basing everything off a newspaper article, so sad. I can assure you I have done nothing, but you go ahead and hate me no problems.

  • 6w ago anonymissymissmiss anonymissymissmiss

    I don’t hate you. I just thought you were different.

  • 6w ago theshanejacobson theshanejacobson

    @anonymissymissmiss I can’t help you with your incorrect assumptions, I am far more disappointed in you than you are me.

  • 6w ago shanshan1975 shanshan1975

    @anonymissymissmiss my god in this day and age if you felt you had to comment on a strangers social media page would you not want truthful facts, not just what you saw on nine msn with your morning cofee ? Why would you be commenting just because you heard gossip, online news is just that..gossip.. Never believe everything you read unless you see it with your own eyes or hear it, hope you have an apology ready if you it is not true, like a big fat sorry bout that if you are wrong.. @theshanejacobson

  • 6w ago chezza712 chezza712

    I think youre awesome mate a true aussie. Keep on keeping on 😀@ theshanejacobson

  • 5w ago suziet70 suziet70

    You are the perfect host for this show. I love your interactions with the kids. Bravo 👏

  • 3w ago milu046511 milu046511

    Felix ist ein toller Showmaster. Er kann stolz auf sich sein!!! 👍

  • 3w ago m.v.d.w71 m.v.d.w71

    I saw an act pop up on You tube and out of curiosity I watched it. Not sorry and am now a HUGE fan of the show. You are a terrific pick as host of Big Shots @theshanejacobson Sir. My cheeks hurt terribly and I may be sending you my medical bill to fix the problem ...MATE haha 😂😂😂😂 lolol. JK😉 Kudos to you and your little team of cutie phenomenons. 💝 Keep up the great work.


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