Instagram post by @rustymgc1967 Michael G Culhane

This is what your keys look like after being on top of my Mini van for almost 3 weeks! Could not find them anywhere until I went to the car yesterday and they were sitting right on top the whole time. Can't believe that nobody took them or I did not see them before. Really sucks getting old.
#forgetful #gettingold #lostandfound


  • 18w ago supercharged_lincoln_lsc supercharged_lincoln_lsc

    Holy shit 😂 three weeks rusty!!

  • 18w ago begorrah_band begorrah_band

    You dodged a bullet. If it was the 80’s there would have been ten teenagers crammed in there cranking Motorhead, drinking, smoking and joy riding to the beach. You got good karma Rusty.

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