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And so it came to pass that all of my fears came true. Cadogan was no messiah, he was a false prophet, the bringer of death and there was no room in his brave new world for the truth I brought with me to his unsuspecting followers.
He had a clear mandate, you are Second Dawn or you are the enemy of The Second Dawn. My presence, my revelations, my solution of hope for his followers would not be tolerated.
He branded me a liar and a heretic to his cause, convinced the majority of his people  that the sole responsibility for the end of the world rested upon my shoulders.
Cadogan had sealed my fate. I was a threat to everything he'd built, only death now awaited me.
He turned to his loyalists to stand with him as I was removed from their underground  sanctuary and forced to the Earths surface.
Radiation storms raged across the sky preventing Cadogan from removing his protective suit. Even when he saw how my blood protected me and could protect his people from the toxic air, he still stood his ground on bringing an end to my life.
Fire was to be my companion to the afterlife. He wanted me to burn alive for ever thinking I could challenge the great Bill Cadogan.
This master of lies had no idea what he was about to cause once the fires were lit. Not all of his followers were so loyal, not all wished to live a life of deceit.
From the ashes we will rise and like a phoenix from the flames I did. The time of Bill Cadogan was over.
I would make sure Cadogan's influence would burn out, his voice silenced and his memory wiped from history.
I am Becca Pramheda, the first Commander, leader of the revolution and of the survivors of Praimfaya.
Our fight is not over.

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