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What did you think of the ending of Darling in the Franxx? (If it's a spoiler please label it first!) #002 #zerotwo #zerotwocosplay #darlinginthefranxx #sexycosplay #kawaiigirl


  • 14w ago just.athena just.athena

    You look so cute oh my goodness!!! You're doing a great job!

  • 14w ago andromeda.neko andromeda.neko

    @just.athena thank youuu! You're doing a great job too! Just keep being amazing please 💖

  • 14w ago avilamadmax avilamadmax


  • 14w ago lukamoth lukamoth

    i loved the ending SO much it almost hurt. and you make a really great zero two! <3 <3

  • 14w ago intodaysnight intodaysnight

    Fuck! I love this photo so much!

  • 14w ago this_is_necky this_is_necky

    Zero-Two 😁

  • 14w ago lord_gabumon lord_gabumon

    Honestly I'm very mixed about it. I wont argue it was rushed and didnt properly end some plot points, I did enjoy the direction it went. I can't stress how much I loved how rediculous it got. Can't ignore the last episode had some wonderful moments in it as well.

  • 14w ago scotchty scotchty

    *****SPOILER FREE I PROMISEE****. So i wish it had gone a different way things werent what i expected and tbh i wanted to see things end they way i personally wanted but hay everyones entitled to their own way

  • 14w ago pretending_to_cook pretending_to_cook


  • 14w ago texmaxd texmaxd


  • 14w ago richardkelevra richardkelevra

    Just weird and kinda lame? @andromeda.neko yes for the booty (😀)

  • 14w ago urotsukidoji2000 urotsukidoji2000

    Absolutely amazing!!

  • 14w ago caribbeandrag0n88 caribbeandrag0n88

    I thought it was alil cliche to be honest. Underwhelming. I really liked the series though. Glad you turned me on to it<3

  • 14w ago binkabee binkabee

    I feel like they rushed it. They could’ve done two more episodes and it would’ve been perfect and not rushed. I like the direction it went and it kinda brought me to tears. They could’ve just had a so much better moment if they didn’t rush things.

  • 14w ago markthrash80 markthrash80

    Perfection 💘

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