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Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season / 花のち晴れ〜花男 Next Season〜 / Hana Yori Dango Season 2
Which were your reactions of the end? I'm sure there were more unhappy people than happy, if you watched it you know what I mean. If they had been honest since the beginning there wouldn't have been unnecessary sufferings. I loved this drama, since the beginning I was rooting for Haruto because I knew he was the one (even though I prefer Taishi Nakagawa as actor). Tenma was cool til the very end. And about the end of the drama, is that a real end????? The most important moment is just imagined by the characters (?)
At the end I guess I rate the drama 9,5/10 it's surely a must watch that was worthy to be the sequel of the iconic Hana Yori Dango.
#ShoHirano #平野紫耀 - Haruto Kaguragi
#HanaSugisaki #杉咲花 - Oto Edogawa
#TaishiNakagawa #中川大志 - Tenma Hase
#TatsuomiHamada - Kaito Taira
#MarieIitoyo - Megumi Nishidome
Mio Imada - Airi Yama
Jin Suzuki - Issa Narumiya
Keisuke Nakata - Sugimaru Eiib
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  • 4w ago nakagawataishid nakagawataishid

    I usually watch second times for almost Taishi kun's drama especially which i like the most. But for this drama (hanadan) i think im not going to watch for the second time cuz the ending was sooo hurt for me though Taishi's characters here are so good :')

  • 4w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @nakagawataishid Left aside the bad end for Nakagawa Taishi's character :/ there were so many nice scenes with him, his acting was awesome like always 🔥💕

  • 4w ago gracieelf gracieelf

    can you tell me who’s with oto at the end haruto or hase?

  • 4w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @gracieelf Haruto

  • 4w ago mikays01 mikays01

    9.5/10 is pretty high despite that ending, no? We all knew who Oto was going to end up with but i wished it was done a lot better. Anyhow it was very enjoyable

  • 4w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @mikays01 My rating is high because despite the weird ending I really enjoyed it, I looked forward to every episode. The cast was awesome and the drama was very entertaining.

  • 4w ago gracieelf gracieelf

    @j._.dramas thank u

  • 4w ago ganearoberta7 ganearoberta7

    How many episodes are?

  • 4w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @ganearoberta7 11

  • 4w ago liviapena79 liviapena79

    Hi! Can anybody recommend me a jdrama similar to "Erased"? Thank you!

  • 4w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @liviapena79 The drama Signal is also about past/present

  • 4w ago liviapena79 liviapena79

    @j._.dramas thank you!!!

  • 3w ago hadiepurwaty hadiepurwaty

    Season 2 ..but i never watching the season one by this actor...where can i watching this.please..

  • 3w ago j._.dramas j._.dramas

    @hadiepurwaty it's called season 2 because it's the sequel of hana yori dango, but with this cast it's just a season

  • 3w ago hadiepurwaty hadiepurwaty

    @j._.dramas the season one is Jun Matsumoto dramas? The previously one just Soo amazing.

  • 3w ago hadiepurwaty hadiepurwaty

    @j._.dramas i want Yamazaki kento to be lead male in this remake drama.huhu

  • 3w ago bumkooksoo bumkooksoo

    I finally finished it.😉 Hoping for a second season I need to see what happens next. It's very much an open ending. When she ran off to meet Haruto and Tenma watched as she left. It hurt to see😭


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