Instagram post by @catherine_lyonsx Catherine Lyons

‘Can you do the splits?’


  • 21w ago coombes1981 coombes1981

    Do you miss it?

  • 21w ago gymtink gymtink

    Lovely 💗

  • 21w ago flipflytumble flipflytumble


  • 21w ago gymnast_ell_ gymnast_ell_

    I can xx but not as good as that that’s amazing xx

  • 21w ago bettyb75p bettyb75p

    @xgym_tieganx can

  • 21w ago jo11072014 jo11072014

    Could do back in the day but never ever like this. Your leaps were so beautiful and extended, I remember watching you in Liverpool and you brought my initial joy I had for gymnastics back from twenty years ago.

    It's lovely to see you happy and progressing onto exciting new chapters

  • 20w ago neaveg_03 neaveg_03


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