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  • 30w ago yankeescountry yankeescountry

    @2_fifth BIG FACTS

  • 30w ago tronyy22 tronyy22

    @lornezweig raise a glass Melissa 's buddy!

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  • 30w ago 41.drew 41.drew

    My absolute favorite 🤡🤡

  • 30w ago 41.drew 41.drew

    @2_fifth absolutely, but especially when didi took his son Kluber deep twice and sucked the energy out of Cleveland

  • 30w ago mrhernandezz mrhernandezz

    @tribenews365 u had one job and u couldn’t even beat the Red Sox for than 2 games always blowij leads man

  • 30w ago matt_glaze2 matt_glaze2

    @tribenews365 gtfo😂😂

  • 30w ago antoniogiorgio_ antoniogiorgio_

    anyone else excited to see our team healthy and dominate the playoffs?

  • 30w ago mattybro3 mattybro3

    @tribenews365 Your fucking 13 pitch dad

  • 30w ago saquonn saquonn

    The feels

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  • 30w ago indians.insider indians.insider

    @mrhernandezz_ last time I checked you guys got swept by them in your last series, btw 3-0

  • 30w ago paul_6351 paul_6351

    Happy birthday to the best clutch leadoff hitter after derek

  • 30w ago lightsoutliss36 lightsoutliss36

    Gardy going yardy!

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @tribenews365 5-2 r cord against your Indians this year so take a back seat your chance was two years ago but wait that was a 3-1 Series you let get away and wait it was 2-0 you to the yanks last year and you failed to advance man finish your damn breakfast before saying a word

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault six game hitting streak so to answer your question yes yes he has

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @olethurn let’s make that 7 game hitting streak after that 2 run homer

  • 30w ago i_am_skelton i_am_skelton

    Seeeeee ya!

  • 30w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @olethurn thx for the update, Peter Gammons. Was watching. FYI - I wasn’t being literal. Gardner had a .212 BA heading into today and only 18 total hits in August. I was making light of his lackluster month.

  • 30w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @scottnbreault .212 BA in August*

  • 30w ago timbautz24 timbautz24

    @tribenews365 RIP

  • 30w ago coreysaccone coreysaccone

    @amoraz14 hey look I’m famous

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault hey Peter Dinklage you do know this is baseball a game of streaks...aka he is now on an 8 game hit streak hell I might just keep you informed every game he gets a hit now

  • 30w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @olethurn if you’ve got that kinda free time to do it, be my guest. It’ll just reinforce my assumption that you likely work at McDonald’s and have nothing else going for you. And for the record, baseball is not a game of streaks. You clearly haven’t played past little league. I’ll poke an easy hole in your summation of the game. If Gardner has a 162 game hit streak, but goes 1-5 in every game, he’s a .200 hitter, but the game is all about streaks right, so as long as he’s streaking and batting .200 that’s a good thing. Get outta here 🤡

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault hahahaha”I market stuff” you don’t even know what you do and damn if you get 5 at bats every single game the team did a damn good job cause that guarantees at least 37 at bats if he is the lead off for that game, where’d your baseball career go, slow pitch softball or are you the king at the batting cage so unless you can do better than gardy I expect Cashman to be contacting you for a contract now get the hell out of here and actually root for your team instead of bashing them like you can do any better....I can see you being like Casillo trying to bat

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault *Casilla

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault if you’re clueless on who that is look up Santiago Casilla I’m sure you’ll find it

  • 30w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @olethurn lol good one, my pudgy friend. I’ll let you think you had the last laugh because you need it to feel like you’ve accomplished something in life. You win. I’m out. Please remember to ask people if they want to supersize their orders ✌🏻

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault I’m in construction boy and since when is 6’2 204 pudgy hahaha use that coochy cream for that head of yours since he’s been everywhere and seen everything

  • 30w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @olethurn you’re the insecure one looking at my profile and telling me how big you are. Haven’t looked at your profile and don’t really care. Your responses tell me all I need to know. Thanks for being the puppet on the end of my string. Take care 🤡

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault haha you’re calling things that you’re clearly wrong say you don’t need the last word but always feel the need to comment back whose controlling whose strings...just to let you know I bet a McDonald’s manager makes more in a year than you do marketing “stuff”

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault I called you out on your dumb comment about a Yankee on a Birthday appreciation post and you’re the one who thinks you know what people do for a living just to make yourself sound relevant to everyone else who honestly could careless if you’re a millionaire or a 10 cent hooker no one cares...want to talk about insecurities don’t get butt hurt life goes on

  • 30w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @olethurn Sigh. Clearly, you’re still not getting it. I don’t claim to know what you do and I don’t know if you’re pudgy or not. I baited you with shit that would irritate you only if you were insecure. Every time you’ve called me a name or said something negative about me, I didn’t engage. Your assessment of me is comical because it’s all based off of how I presented myself to someone (you) that I identified immediately as easy to instigate because of your ignorance and inability to see that my original comment wasn’t supposed to be taken literally. It was made in jest and it’s even funnier that you circled back to it with your last comment to me, thus solidifying how you still can’t process it, even though I’ve already spelled it out for you. Do me a favor and please tag me every time Gardner gets a hit. I’ll come up with another way to make you think you actually know something about nothing. 😘

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault you seem to not understand anything as well you started with the names I followed up don’t get mad cause I answered back lol no one is getting mad just pointing out the flaws in your statements, anyone can try and to back track and say “oh I didn’t mean that literally” yeah if you didn’t you wouldn’t of even thought about the comment man come on get it even said you don’t need the last word yet you seem to love carrying on the conversation with me..I appreciate the gesture man but I don’t need you to kiss my feet nobody wants to see that...I’ll be happy to keep you informed on how anyone does just remember why support the Yankees if you don’t support all of them

  • 30w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault 8:05 game time we’ll talk then

  • 30w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @olethurn 👍🏻😘👍🏻

  • 30w ago longsuffering7 longsuffering7

    is the right field fence like 90ft away in that little league park?

  • 29w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @olethurn your boy is killing it with his streak - .196 avg in August. Absolutely killing it for us. I obviously didn’t know what I was talking about. Hope he pulls it together soon.

  • 29w ago olethurn olethurn

    @scottnbreault his streak ended fool lol do you not realize baseball players go through ups and downs throughout a season....only a select few are able to stay at a positive consistent rate for 162 games, regression and down times are expected....were you always taking about Didi in may?

  • 29w ago scottnbreault scottnbreault

    @olethurn nope because Didi was the best player in baseball in April, so it was bound to even out. Gardner has been mediocre (at best) to horrible all season. And when your leadoff hitter has been mediocre is batting under .200 for an entire month, it’s a problem. And at o point is it possible for someone to be”raking” while hitting .196. Trust me, I hope he starts doing a lot better, because we will start winning more. But for now, he’s one of the reasons why the team is LAST in the majors in BA, next to last in OBP and SLG since July 26. Those are facts you cannot dispute or argue. The end.

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