Instagram post by @makiwi Makiko Itoh

Here’s another interesting snack sold in Japan - interesting in a completely different way from the shrunken croquettes in my last post. They are rice crackers from Tanita, a company that’s best known for making scales (especially the bioelectrical impedence analysis ones that measure body fat percentage) and such. Since people use their scales for losing weight, they have a thriving sideline now in Japan in healthy eating education and products.
The rice crackers are part of that. The product line is called Tanita Shokudo (Tanita Diner). Each single-portion packet of the crackers contains 66 calories and 1.6g of fiber. Besides rice, the crackers contain okara (the fibrous part of the soy bean) and crushed almonds. The crackers are rather hard and crunchy on purpose, because part of the Tanita philosophy is that you need to chew your food well to get that feeling of fullness and satisfaction with a limited amount.
The crackers are pretty tasty (salty-sweet), and are way more filling than regular rice crackers.

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