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Just dropped her off at the airport... our summer days are shifting to fall harvest as she returns to Barolo 🇮🇹 for her harvest and the tireless nights and long days that are about to begin on the coast for ours. Was selfishly hoping for some RAEN Brandini harvest overlap like last year gave us but alas Mother Natures cool summer on the coast has spoken... happy travels, happy harvest and see you soon! ti amo ❤️


  • 12w ago timpeare timpeare


  • 12w ago giobagnasco giobagnasco

    Grazie, love you! Happy harvest and thanks for this amazing summer! ❤️

  • 12w ago carlomondavi carlomondavi

    @timpeare you mean chicago right 😜 haha

  • 12w ago carlomondavi carlomondavi

    @giobagnasco 😘

  • 12w ago korhonenenen korhonenenen

    Carlo, I'd love to help with harvest if you need a free hand... I have the second week of September off for a staycation if any fruit is still hanging!

  • 12w ago jasonruppert jasonruppert

    You look so much like your grandfather here @carlomondavi

  • 12w ago jaimekaraujo jaimekaraujo

    The abs tho...! Happiest for both harvests!! 👍

  • 12w ago theyachtphotographer theyachtphotographer

    Looks like a wakeboard boat here ! Good old days my friend ! Harvest is also about to start here where we are in France ! Enjoy Carlo !

  • 12w ago carlomondavi carlomondavi

    @korhonenenen I know we are full but let me see if we can get you to work for a day. Call me later to talk... there will still be fruit out there for sure.

  • 12w ago carlomondavi carlomondavi

    @theyachtphotographer yes my friend! Next time your here we will have to go.

  • 12w ago hamiltonluxurygroup hamiltonluxurygroup

    Barossa gourmet weekend?

  • 12w ago carbonicmass carbonicmass

    Cheers Carlo! 👁🍷👁You Kids are looking great my man awesome picture and Happy Harvest!🍇🍇🍇

  • 12w ago nolsen79 nolsen79


  • 12w ago

    Happy to see you taking time for the important stuff. I believe a wise man once said something about wine being worthless without friends and family to share with...

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