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Seaweed farmers in Belize shot for @nature_org. The advantage of seaweed aquaculture is that it provides fishermen supplemental and alternative income. This reduces fishing pressure on wild stocks and the seaweed farms provide a nursery for ecologically and commercially important species. Underwater photography is not on the agenda, but we are teaching a number of workshops in the coming months. See the link above for our workshop page. @melissafarlow and I have been lucky enough to teach the Missouri Photo Workshop (MPW) for a very long time (not saying how long... it dates us) MPW is September 23-29. The Cape Breton workshop is October 19-21 @cbphotoworkshop. The Siena workshop associated with the Siena International Photo Awards is October 29-November 2nd @sipacontest. And the BLUOCEAN workshop in association with National Geographic Italy is November 5-9 #bluocean_workshop @thephotosociety @natgeocreative

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