Instagram post by @agirlnamedleney Leney

I feel like I have a lot of homes at this point in my life.
Places I more or less feel settled in. Places I partially call mine. That I can come back to no matter how much time has passed and it feels comfortable. Places too that I can’t physically return to but are still labeled in my mind as ‘Home’. .
But there hasn’t been a place that is wholly mine for a while now and I realize that is part of why I loved living on the road so much these last few months. My car, Blue Moon, is the only big tangible thing that’s all-the-way mine and for some reason it just feels good to have something grounding like that, to completely rely on and call yours.
And the road too, the road, even though it is so wide and expansive and metaphorical in so many different ways, it feels like mine too. It’s generous enough with itself to allow for multiple inhabitants and owners and it is always reliable in the sense that it is always there. .
I started to share this image thinking I would write about something else, but this came out instead. So I guess it’s what I’m really feeling today, right now. There is overwhelm and eagerness and sadness and frustration and joy all mixed up inside my person right now but most of all: anticipation.
#thewildandwonderfulamericanroadtrip opened up a whole hallway of doors for me and, for the first time in a long time, instead of being overwhelmed by the world being my oyster, I feel clarity and focus and I’m ready to pick a door and walk through it and See if it leads to another home. .


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