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Back from an amazing and very special life voyage through China, Vietnam, and Taiwan with my parents and my @kneeenur 🌏🤙 so thankful that we are continually blessed enough to be able to see wonderful parts of our extraordinary planet. Nina has always been incredibly supportive and patient with me and my work life which often takes me to places without her, so you can imagine the joy I feel to be able to share these intimate and beautiful places with my love. Here’s to the thunderstorm that we kayaked through in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 🇻🇳 || on to the next #anthonyandninashashtag btw I took this photo with my iPhone that I wrapped in a plastic bag and tucked in my life jacket so it wouldn’t get too soaked from the rain...then immediately went on amazon and ordered those waterproof case sleeves for our next adventure.


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    Welcome welcome

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  • 3w ago luna._.chris_ luna._.chris_

    Bruh that’s where king Kong was filmed

  • 3w ago chicken_fly_lice chicken_fly_lice

    I saw a big viney tree but a look closer revealed a mossy hill

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    @luna._.chris_ wooow I saw his Ig story and thought that was the place from King Kong ! That’s cool

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    You should say China's Taiwan.

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    @andyazian look who was close by 👀

  • 3w ago andyazian andyazian

    @jimadeus all these seemingly so close encounters... fate has it...

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    Hello are you in halong rite now ,sir i am big fan of yours i am working in halong as a dance teacher now i am going to join a job in china to learn in kinjaz .If you are in halong please i want to meet you sir .

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    So sweat

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    Welcome !!

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    There r many wonderful scenic spots in China. U can plan ur next family trip for a in-depth tour🙌

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    My comment for this post is still waiting patiently in Weibo...but apparently it is not taking itself there...

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    See you in VietNam

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    Taiwan is part of China FYI 安叔

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    @hannyaki alright then I will type it here. Anthony post is my fav coz it is informative (in many different ways), emotional (those words make me believe in love again) and suddenly...relatable. Yes, waterproof case is essential, yes.

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    YAY you went to Vietnam!

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    Taiwan is a wonderful place🇹🇼

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    Hello 🇻🇳🇻🇳

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    Welcome to Viet Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳


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