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Could a suit of armor protect you from #sharks? @therealadamsavage was all too happy to buy one in order to see. #sharkweek #adamsavage #suitofarmor #armor


  • 16w ago lilly_amber_triplett lilly_amber_triplett

    Okay, but what about the zombies??? I won't be in the ocean any time soon, but who the hell knows when and where zombies will pop up. 😂😂😅

  • 16w ago renderedpixels renderedpixels

    Adam would have been even happier if he made one himself to use on the show

  • 16w ago externalbias externalbias

    These arent even myths anymore

  • 16w ago testedcom testedcom

    @renderedpixels Ha, he made one on @testedcom last year, with Terry English, who made the armor in Excalibur. He is still talking about it.

  • 16w ago montellojohn montellojohn

    Try putting a sandpaper/siliconcarbide finish on a kevlar suit of armor ... they say if the shark feels the grit of the sandpaper against it's teeth it will stop biting ... but then again is it going to work as fast as a Saw Stop ??? 😁😁😁

  • 16w ago iron_w00d iron_w00d

    Darth Vader ;)

  • 16w ago bigmlittleiller bigmlittleiller


  • 16w ago rouscircus rouscircus

    OMG! So epic!!!!!

  • 16w ago rainpebble1952 rainpebble1952

    Miss the original Mythbusters

  • 16w ago greywolfbrand greywolfbrand

    If it can't there's no point in trying, just let em eat you. But, is this even a myth? Or is this "screw it, I wanna do cool stuff!!"? I mean I'm cool with the second, but just don't call it mythbusters mate

  • 14w ago donald_trump_made_out_of_poop donald_trump_made_out_of_poop

    Shark week plus Myth busters? Two of my favorite things together

  • 13w ago jackfinter101 jackfinter101

    that's so cool

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