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First day of 2nd Grade for Johnny and Kindergarten for Roman! I love these wild boys. I wasn’t quite ready for summer with them to be over but they’re stoked to be back and I’m excited for them.📚🖍 #littlejj_a #roman_cruz #forthememorybook #2ndgrade #kindergarten 7.26.18


  • 16w ago mommyfeliz mommyfeliz

    What the heck they are starting school already?! Do they get a break in October?

  • 16w ago koolrivera koolrivera

    Yeah!!! Look at them looking fly.

  • 16w ago yesenia.albitre yesenia.albitre

    @mommyfeliz I know, such a short summer! I don’t like it. They have a modified schedule so they get about 8 weeks off during the year, so I do love that. 2 weeks off in October

  • 16w ago mama2thadivas mama2thadivas

    Ugh so early!! They look so handsome!! I hope they have the best day! ❤️Can’t believe your break was over and we haven’t even seen you guys 😩

  • 16w ago mamacooke21 mamacooke21

    Awe!!! Look at those handsome boys!!! 💙💙 we start next Wednesday 😔

  • 16w ago mommyfeliz mommyfeliz

    @yesenia.albitre ok that's cool I like the idea of having 2 weeks off in October. Their getting big!

  • 16w ago anna_e_56 anna_e_56

    Handsome boys ❤️

  • 16w ago sahmsalsa sahmsalsa


  • 16w ago lifeisbeautiful_ash lifeisbeautiful_ash

    I can’t even begin with these pics, my little dudes are all grown up and tanned! I agree with @koolrivera they do be looking fly! I’ll be teaching 2nd grade for my final student teaching session, so neat! Miss you guys and I love seeing these updates! XoAsh 🤗📚💗🎉🙌🏼

  • 16w ago frank_knives_ frank_knives_

    They’re all grown up 😆

  • 16w ago jyanez jyanez

    What?!? It’s still July!! I’d be SO MAD if I were them. Shortest summer break ever!

  • 15w ago shahilbollyx shahilbollyx

    ROCK ON!

  • 14w ago utfoodie utfoodie


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