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It’s normally around this time of year that I’m overseas for 4 months to teach with @picturechange.
This year, I’m sticking around and intentionally making this a “planting year.” We’ve got a lot of good things going on with Picture Change, but some ground level work needs to be done so we can continue to empower students to create change in their lives and communities through photography.

I still talk with a lot of my students online a few times a week (like Paul, in the photo, who’s doing incredible things in Uganda) and have the opportunity to get more involved with folks doing good work in my home community of Nashville.

Anyway, in case you been wondering what’s going on, that’s (part of) it.
Also, I loved chatting with Lane and Ryan about Picture Change for the @wedandwoke podcast. Check out the link on their page to listen!


  • 16w ago xaphod xaphod

    Amazing, awesome 💪🙌🏻 we have friends in Uganda on mission, teaching street boys carpentry skills. Would be cool if they ended up being in the same part of Uganda as y’all. Keep it up!

  • 16w ago the_bryan_keith the_bryan_keith

    It looks incredibly interesting! I’m envious!

  • 16w ago celina.sssss celina.sssss

    I miss you

  • 15w ago charliespicture charliespicture

    Awesome, love it!

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