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“Let us acknowledge that images like this draw a crowd. Simply put, sharks are fascinating. But we must ensure that the correct information is communicated through this imagery, to the crowd it has drawn. We owe sharks that much. They deserve the truth to be told. Too long have we lived off the myths of one fictitious movie. Don’t worry though, there’s drama enough when it comes to sharks. Just look at this incredible Mako shark, bursting out of the water, teeth blazing, eyes focused, hooks for shark earrings on either side. Scary, scary stuff.
However, in my experience as a biologist, there is almost always a simple, biological explanation for most things. When this path of understanding is pursued, the SHARK ATTACK mentality fades. So what's going on here?
Firstly, I lured this shark out of the water like this with a bait rope. Rarely would you see this action naturally, perhaps only if lunging for a bird on the surface. Second, the hooks in the side of each mouth may appear as sad, horrid, human fingerprints on this truly wild animal. However, they ironically reflect positive human/shark interactions. Shark research, education, awareness and conservation efforts are finally paying off with shark finning bans occurring in many parts of the world. Each of these hooks are tuna surface longline hooks, an industry where millions of Mako sharks are killed every year for their fins and some flesh. Each hook in this image, represents the shark being captured and released by fishermen, an excellent result for this essential oceanic predator. But there are still too many Mako sharks being harvested to sustain their populations. We need to show greater respect for this awesome animal. In my opinion, if you haven’t swam with one, you shouldn’t take one, because once you swim with these animals, you will have a new-found respect. The above, is the kind of information that stimulating visual imagery should be used for, and not for fear mongering.” 📸 + 🦈 caption by Riley Elliott (@thelifeofrileynz) as seen on @sharkweek
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  • 3w ago seawolf2222 seawolf2222

    Beautiful shortfin mako

  • 3w ago kevin.valenzuela14 kevin.valenzuela14

    Lmao they made the fortnite skin in real life

  • 3w ago stevechanks stevechanks

    This guy is one hell of a fierce looking SOB

  • 3w ago leviathan__rs leviathan__rs

    It’s all about perspective. Never forget the positive side of life.

  • 3w ago ericc272 ericc272

    Mama says that shark is ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush 🦈

  • 3w ago 13radglover 13radglover

    Damn that's one hell of a hook stuck in his lip.

  • 3w ago that_carl_kid that_carl_kid

    That’s so cool you can see straight through his gills back into the water

  • 3w ago thelifeofrileynz thelifeofrileynz

    Thanks for sharing

  • 3w ago chrystelma chrystelma

    This was so informative. I really enjoyed the lesson. I still feel bad for the shark with the hooks though I understand it’s been let go, it’s unnatural to it and therefore shouldn’t be there...

  • 3w ago thicc_boi_rice_nudels thicc_boi_rice_nudels

    Adam i think theres a hole in the shark

  • 3w ago roberttroever roberttroever


  • 3w ago netflix_and_kill netflix_and_kill

    I wonder why this one has a big hole in its cheek

  • 3w ago jon_recon_spartan96 jon_recon_spartan96

    Lets see if your duct tape boat can survive a shark attack lol!

  • 3w ago pakinam_a pakinam_a

    If finning bans are working, why was the shark captured to begin with? It must be painful to swim around with these hooks. Isn’t there a way to remove them from the poor animals that were captured and released?

  • 3w ago ayyy_imma_ninja ayyy_imma_ninja

    Gotta get that hook out

  • 3w ago liannangel2004 liannangel2004

    Will the hooks ever come out? 😞


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